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CLO 5 Has Officially Arrived.

CLO 5, the Most Robust CLO, Has Officially Arrived

We are thrilled to announce that CLO 5 has been officially released today.

Thanks to the valuable feedbacks our users gave us during our CLO 5 Open Beta Test, we made important improvements and released an even better CLO 5. 

Download the official version now to renovate your entire workflow: from start to finish. 

Key Features of CLO 5

GPU Simulation

Avatar Size Editor 

Convert Custom Body Scan to CLO Avatar 

CLO-SET Tech Pack 

Glitter & Light Material 

Enhanced Render Environment 

Export Garment Information with API 

Other Amazing Features

Improved Grading 

Improved Notch 

Ruler and Guidelines 

Improved Binding 

Align Grainlines Parallel to Segments 

Random Colored Surface 

Ready to Explore CLO 5? Download Here

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