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CLO 4.1 Is Officially Here!

The New CLO 4.1 Is Officially Here! 

We are excited to announce that CLO 4.1 is officially released. Thanks to the valuable feedbacks our users gave us during our CLO 4.1 Open Beta Test,  we made important improvements and released an even better CLO 4.1. 

CLO 4.1 is full of awesome new features that will make your design experience more seamless. 

What's New in CLO 4.1? 

  • Expressing Silk, Velvet and Glass Materials 
  • Binding 
  • Shape Dart Cap 
  • New Topstitch Preset 
  • Automated Pattern Placement 
  • Create Perpendicular Internal Lines 
  • Garment Fit Map Improvement and Garment Info Improvement 

Ready to explore CLO 4.1? 

Download Here

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