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Current Events

Sustainability is a fast moving topic in fashion discourse - developments in technology, production, textiles, and new collaborations and businesses to address different aspects of the fashion ecosystem are constantly coming into being. Check out these sources to learn about current developments.

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Sustainability also encompasses the laws and decision frameworks that create the environment for better practices and development to take place. These sources cover the governance side of environmental progress.

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Podcasts are a great resource in the sustainable fashion space to learn about and from people who are working in it. Learn from them and their journey into fashion and sustainability at large. Many of these podcasts also include some great information about how individuals can get involved and affect the bigger picture.

Labor and Equity

Actively managing and promoting the rights and equity of all stakeholders within the fashion industry is vital in creating a fairer and more ethical global fashion economy. In this section, there are various sources showcasing the intersection of social and environmental justices, and are committed to finding a fairer way to make clothes that protect the health and livelihood of all those touched by the garment industry.

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Circular Economy

Circularity presents an opportunity to address the global fashion industry’s ongoing social and environmental issues and lead to a more resilient industry. Implementing a circular approach in fashion will aid in eliminating the industry’s environmental impact by creating processes that divert materials from landfill, and instead build systems to use materials endlessly in different forms.



Throughout the creation process of a garment, the textile production stage often has the highest environmental impact compared to any other stage. Even though there are no physical materials used in the creation of a digital sample, the overall ecological impact of any apparel or accessory is greatly affected by choices made at early stages of the design process.

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Supply Chain

The supply chain includes all processes involved in the creation of a product, which for a garment includes fiber, textile, trims, construction, dyeing, special treatments, packaging, shipping, and more. Each product brought into the world has a footprint and story to tell, which is important to understanding and reducing the ecological impact.

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