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Fabric Digitization Service

Important Notice: Discontinuation of partnership service with VMOD, and service renewal

Fabric Digitization Service in collaboration with VMOD will be discontinued by the end of June 2024. Renewed service will be opened soon. Please refer to the below:

- New Orders: New orders will be accepted until June 30, 2024. No new orders will be processed after this date.

- Ongoing Orders: Your ongoing orders will be fulfilled within 10 business days upon receiving fabric samples.

- Digital Assets: Digital assets created via CLO x VMOD Fabric Digitization Service can be downloaded from VMOD website anytime after the partnership service is discontinued.

- Defects/Modifications: Report any issues to CLO or VMOD by July 31, 2024, for prompt resolution.

New CLO Fabric Digitization Service will be launched on July, 2024.

CLO Fabric Digitization Services, will help you digitize your fabric library, provide organization of digital fabrics via CLO-SET and allow you to fully utilize your digital supply chain with the assistance of our expertise in fabric digitazation. By having your proprietary fabrics digitized with our 3D experts you can be assured of a 1:1 fabric conversion, allowing you to use CLO to its fullest potential.

Comparison of physical properties and visual properties

Physical Properties

Visual Properties

How are physical fabric properties measured?


How is 3D validation done?

3d validation

Quality Verification : Drape Test

We verify the fabric physical properties via a process called the Drape Test*.
* Drape Tests are included for free as a promotion until announced otherwise.

  1. Each physical and digital fabrics are cut into the same sample size (50 x 50 cm) and placed on an identical size physical and virtual cylinder.
  2. Validating Height: We measure and compare the height between the floor and each corner of the drape.
    • If the height varies by less than or equal to one(1) centimeter, the digital twin is considered to be accurately reflecting the physical properties.
    • If the height varies by more than one(1) centimeter, we manually adjust specific parameters until the difference is less than one(1) centimeter.
  3. Validating No. of Flares: We measure and compare the number of flares from the top view.
    • If the number of flares are less than eight(8): The number of flares should be identical for both the physical and digital twin fabric.
    • If the number of flares is equal to or more than eight(8): The difference of the number of flares should be less than or equal to one(1) flare.
    • If the difference in the number of flares does not meet the requirements stated above, we manually adjust specific parameters until the requirements are met.

Why is 3D validation important?

3D validation process with the most updated device and algorithms minimize human errors, and provide more accurate digital fabrics.

CLO-SET fabric data management

Fabric data management via CLO-SET


Digitization prices are $50, which includes $30 for measuring physical properties and $20 for texture scanning.
If colors are added, an additional $20 is added per color.


Please see an example below:
($50) + ($20 x 3) = $110 for digitizing fabrics with 4 colorways with the same physical properties.


CLO Fabric Digitization Service Process

  • 1

    Submit order via Fabric Digitization page

  • 2

    Track your order and collect information

  • 3

    Send Fabric yardage to CLO-VMOD Digital Fabric Lab

  • 4

    CLO - VMOD checks the quantity & quality

  • 5


    Estimated Lead Times from the date fabrics arrive at VMOD Lab

    1. 1~50 fabrics : up to 3 working days

    2. 51~150 fabrics : up to 5 working days

    3. 151~300 fabrics : up to 10 working days

    4. 301~500 fabrics : up to 15 working days

  • 6

    CLO-VMOD share digitized fabrics as available over CLO-SET

  • If you have any questions about CLO Fabric Digitization Service,

    CLO x VMOD Fabric Digitization Service(FDS) is an ancillary service available only for enterprise users.
    Sign in with your CLO enterprise account to place an order.
    If you have any questions about CLO x VMOD FDS, reach out to our global support team. We're here to help!