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CLO 6.1 Beta is Officially Here!

The beta version of CLO 6.1 has finally arrived and it is the flawless workflow you've been dreaming of. We are excited to welcome all CLO users to Join our Open Beta Test and be among the first to experience its many new features. Get involved, give feedback, and help us make an even better CLO 6.1 for you. 

Key Features of CLO 6.1

  • 3D Linked Editing: Easily edit 3D garment by moving points and lines while maintaining the shape. 
  • Brush Selection Tool & Partial Divide Mesh/Freeze/Solidify: Use Brush Selection Tool to select meshes of specific parts of the     garment, and partially Divide, Freeze, or solidify. 
  • New Avatar Assets: New Avatar Assets will be added.
  • Avatar Face Style Configurator: Edit the style of the avatar by replacing each part of the face. 
  • UV Editor | Unified Map: Map Fabric Texture to Unified type. 
  • GLTF | Standard Unified Fabric File Format: Provides PBR materials and CLO Physical Properties in a Standard Unified Fabric     File Format gITF. 
  • CLO-SET Connect in CLO: Check CLO-SET CONNECT products and purchased items in CLO.  

Test Period

April 13th - May 13th 

Who can join

Any clo3d.com users

How to participate 

Login to your clo3d.com account to download and launch the CLO 6.1 installer. If you are a new user, sign up to create an account and download. 

How to give feedback

If you'd like to share your feedback on CLO 6.1 beta, head over to our Contact Us page, select 'OBT Feedback' under 'Inquiry Type', and submit your feedback. 

If you experience problems in the Beta Test

Please tell us about the technical issues you had with the beta test here. Select 'Technical Support' under 'Inquiry Type', and submit your response. 

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