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CLO Partners with Substance by Adobe to Integrate 3D Texturing Technology in CLO 6.0

CLO Virtual Fashion, the world leader in 3D garment simulation technology has collaborated with Substance by Adobe to integrate Substance 3D texturing technology in the new release of CLO 6.0, taking true-to-life virtual simulation in 3D apparel design to the next level.

With this new integration, users will be able to import Substance SBSAR files and access Substance powerful capabilities directly in the CLO software, expressing textures and materials more realistically than ever before through physical based rendering technology. While the Substance 3D suite of tools allows to create Substance materials from scratch, from scan, or download high-end collections from the Substance Source library, designers can now easilyse and explore the endless variations of Substance parametric materials in CLO and see the results in real-time. Integrating Substance into CLO optimizes the entire 3D design process by providing true-to-life textures and material visualization technologies that enable the creation of digital designs that are an exact 1:1 representation of the physical end product. This supports designers and brands alike to achieve a seamless digital workflow.

“We are excited to collaborate with CLO and empower designers to push the fashion industry forward, with 3D technology that expands the definition of what’s possible.” says Francois Cottin, Director of 3D & AR Marketing at Adobe. “The Substance integration unlocks the ability to iterate instantly on materials, present photorealistic designs, and discard unwanted prototypes without any waste. CLO designers are guaranteed an unprecedented level of control and realism and we are eager to see what they will create.”

CLO Virtual Fashion has released the Beta version of CLO 6.0 and will officially launch the final version of the new release in November 2020, which will incorporate the Substance by Adobe integration.

"We are constantly aiming to provide our users with the most advanced and innovative tools. With this integration, we are very excited to offer our users the opportunity to design even more realistic true-to-life textures and materials,” says Lisa Kohlert, VP of Business Development at CLO Virtual Fashion. She continues, “Through this collaboration we are one step closer to our mission of virtualizing every single garment on earth, where every physical garment has a virtual twin. We look forward to working with the Adobe 3D team on this integration and giving designers the opportunity to create digital prototypes with full accuracy.”

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