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SwatchOn partners with CLO To Forge the Future of Fashion Digitization

SEOUL, South Korea -- Wholesale fashion fabric aggregate SwatchOn has teamed up with CLO Virtual Fashion, the leader in 3D fashion design software, to digitize the 200,000 fabrics on SwatchOn’s innovative sourcing platform. The power partnership between two leading companies focused on digitizing separate parts of the fashion supply chain creates a new frictionless, end-to-end sustainable 3D fashion design solution, now uniquely capped with physical fabric sourcing capability. 

Since its inception three years ago, SwatchOn, a member of the CFDA Supply Chain Collective, has provided a unique and reliable link in the fashion supply chain: its members-only, innovative B2B platform brings the entirety of the South Korean wholesale textile industry online, connecting hundreds of thousands of fabric products to 12,000 brands around the globe. 

SwatchOn’s wholesale fabric offering of 200,000 SKUs has made the platform a dependable global resource for independent labels, mid-size brands, and the largest apparel manufacturers in the world. The company’s 3 yard MOQ from over 750 suppliers in South Korea -- one of the largest textile export nations -- has long since been one of SwatchOn’s core differentiators and a pillar of sustainability, intended to keep fabric out of landfills, preserve budget lines, and support creative agility and ideation. 

By 2021, SwatchOn’s digital fabric library will be the one of the largest in the world, offering near-limitless options for CLO users specifically designed to support their unique digital workflows. By October, 25% of SwatchOn’s vast fabric offerings will be converted into digital files compliant with CLO3D software.

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