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CLO Open Workshop - New York

CLO Open Workshop - New York 

On September 5, 2018, we hosted a 3-day Open Workshop in Brooklyn, New York, inviting individual designers and small businesses to learn CLO. 

The workshop was held at Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, a hub for ethical fashion and design that provides design entrepreneurs, creative technologists and industry professionals with the resources they need to transform their ideas into successful businesses. CLO and BF+DA were aligned with their vision to bring sustainability into the fashion industry through technology, and partnered to host this workshop for individual designers and small businesses looking to learn 3D technology. 

Throughout the workshop, CLO users of all levels learned the basic skills of using CLO, but more importantly, became part of a vibrant community of like-minded, design professionals. In the workshop recap video below, hear what the users say about the workshop and their CLO-stories. 

CLO is proud to be part of all individual and small business users' journey to achieve their vision and purpose. 

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