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Join CLO 4.2 Open Beta Test!

Get Exclusive Access to the New CLO 4.2 Beta!

We are excited to welcome all CLO users to join the CLO 4.2 Beta Test and be among the first to experience its many new features. Get involved, give feedback, and help us improve. 

Key Features of CLO 4.2 

  • Express Fur: Express various types and colors of fur in Render. 
  • 3D Sewing: Sew patterns intuitively in the 3D window.
  • Plot: Plot 2D patterns.
  • Render in CLOSET: Render 3D garments in CLOSET and minimize the use of your OS.
  • Sewing Tension: Adjust sewing tension to visualize 3D fit more accurately.
  • Adjust Trim Weight: Adjust trim weight to express change in drape of 3D garments
  • Change Thread Type and Material for Buttons: Button's thread type and material can be changed.

CLO 4.2 Open Beta Test

Test Period

August 13th - September 5th

Who Can Join

Any clo3d.com Users 

How to Participate

Login to your clo3d.com account to download and launch the CLO 4.2 Installer. If you are a new user, sign up to create an account and download. 

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