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CLO 2024.0 is officially here!

Hello, CLO friends! CLO comes with a brand new version naming system, which will make it easier to recognize when updates are made.

CLO 2024.0 is full of new and diverse features.

CLO 2024.0 Highlight Features:

- CLO Account Integration: As part of our ongoing efforts to improve your experience and streamline our services, we are introducing the CLO-SET account for all CLO Virtual Fashion products (CLO, CLO-SET, CONNECT, MD, Jinny).

The CLO-SET account integration will be applied to individual users first in March 2024 and will be applied to enterprise users after additional preparations to be more suitable for corporate collaborations.

- Realistic Knitwear Designer: Create realistic knitwear with a variety of stitchings.

- USD File Type Support: CLO now supports USD (Universal Scene Description) files, allowing you to create with even more flexibility.

- CLO GUI Refresh: Experience an enhanced CLO interface with improved consistency, high visibility colors, and cleaner fonts.

Check out other major features for the new version here. Upgrade to CLO 2024.0 today and weave new possibilities!

New webinars will be released soon, where you can delve into the new features in detail. Check out the schedule.