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CLO Partner and Fabric Platform SwatchOn Launches Future of Fabric™

Our Partner and fabric sourcing platform, SwatchOn, launched Future of Fabric™, a global design competition, in May 2021. To announce the top ten finalists, SwatchOn released a worldwide influencer campaign, with posts feeding into the competition website, where creative content of the top-ten finalists including designer profiles, creative process documentation, CLO garment simulations, influencer images, and information on fabrics used to design the winnings looks are showcased. 

Out of hundreds of applicants, 20 emerging designers were chosen to participate in the Future of Fabric competition, each receiving $1,000 worth of fabric of their choice from SwatchOn to create one link - no rules, just creativity. 

After an internal selection process, 10 designers moved forward. Each of the top-ten looks were digitised using CLO. All top-ten looks are also featured in CLO-SET Connect, where the digital twins of the fabric used to create the looks are available for download. 

Future of Fabric™ fuses traditional fabric creation with the industry's digital evolution, supporting designers of tomorrow as they learn to revolutionise their brands by sourcing digitally and showing their garments in accurate renders. 

SwatchOn's growing digital library is only compatible with CLO. 

For the experience, visit FutureofFabric.com

To sign up for SwatchOn, go to SwatchOn.com 

To stay in the know, follow @swatchon_official