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CLO 5.1 Official Release

The New CLO 5.1 Is Officially Here! 

We are excited to announce that CLO 5.1 is officially released today.
Thanks to the valuable feedbacks our users gave us during our CLO 5.1 Open Beta Test, we made important improvements and released an even better CLO 5.1

Download the official version of CLO 5.1 and experience the evolutionary change of production with fully automated grading.

Key Features of CLO 5.1

  • Automated Grading: Automatically grade patterns based on avatars
  • Pantone Color Library: Pantone color, a widely used color palette in the design industry, is added as a preset
  • Displacement MapExpress thickness of graphics or/and bumpy fabric texture
  • Animation Render: Render animated garments
  • New Fur Presets: Express fox, mink, angora, sherpa, and other fur textures with newly added presets
  • Folded Shirt Template: Easily create folded shirts by combining or editing provided folded shirt blocks
  • New Adult Avatars: A total of four avatars are added: two male and two female avatars with different race
  • Kid Avatar Size Editor: Create an 8 to 13 year-old kid avatar with the Avatar Size Editor
  • Point of Measure: Create rulers on 2D patterns, internal shapes, and graphics to check measurements as needed
  • Half Symmetry in a Pattern: Edit a single pattern symmetrically based on its center axis
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