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Forbes Article on CLO x Sadie Clayton Project

CLO x Sadie Clayton x The Fabricant Project Featured on Forbes Magazine 

Designer Sadie Clayton's collection was stolen two years ago by a fraudulent stylist posing as a fashion editor for British group Dazed Media. One of Sadie's most extravagant pieces, an embroidered bomber jacket would never be retrieved.

But in just two weeks, CLO and The Fabricant digitally resuscitated the jacket and created an exact representation of the original- not just how it looks like, but how it drapes and moves on a body.

As Sadie's collection now lives solely in the digital space, the possibilities with it are limitless. Check out this Forbes article on how a designer's piece became eternal in the virtual realm with the capabilities of 3D: https://bit.ly/2NJe4yI

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