3D Technician

1.   Main Responsibility

-      Check AD, AI/TP, CC CLO file, manuals, and raise up discrepancies points to Merchandiser.

-      Attend a meeting with MR, CFTV, Technical, Sample Room, pattern maker (2D) and be able to discuss the 3D concerns and can collaborate with internal teams.

-      Check customer feedback and can ensure to clarify all points clearly.

-      Create 3D CLO file after receiving 2D pattern ( .DXF file) and ensure to check main measurement, and shape on 2D pattern are possible based on adidas standards.

-      Download material from Creation Portal (CP)

-      Create CLO snap shot for CFTV PVC audit.

-      Create Vstitcher file after receiving the orders from Merchandiser.

-      Check comments and send discrepancy points to Merchandiser in preparation for CR1/CR2/Presell/SMS/Sealing milestones.

-      Clarify with Merchandiser, CFTV if have any unclear points before/during CLO file making as well as during Vstitcher file making.

2.   Key Performance

-      Create 100% correct CLO and Vstitcher files

-      Submit 100% CLO and Vstitcher files on time   

3. Job Requirements:

-      Must be college graduate related to garment/textile industry.

-      Must have 2-3 years of experience as 3D Technician using Vstitcher, CLO software and the like.

-      Must possess sportswear sewing experience to support garment making in 3D

-      Basic English in writing and speaking

-      Be familiar with fabric and accessories

-      Must possess strong organizational skills and can work with team members easily.

-      Be able to solve technical problems independently

-      Initiative, careful, professional, dedicated, innovative and continuously do self-learning.

Application Channel: Pls send your CV to email: bowker.recruitment@bowkergarment.com.vn (Phone: 0274.3768.233 ext.231 HR)