End-To-End Enterprise Solution

Experience innovation with enterprise software solutions and personalized onboarding models. Let's establish an efficient 3D digitized process.


Creating a 3D Ecosystem is more than just installing software.

Meet the scalable solution for your business.

Live Demos and Use Cases

Join us in discovering refined software interface and ease of use with the creation process offering 100% live demos with CLO experts.

100% Live Demos

A personalized software presentation and demonstration tailored to your garment category.

Use Cases

See how CLO works with various enterprises and spans across all product categories.



We create a tailored plan for your company, offering multiple training options that best suit your current design needs.

Basic and Advanced Trainings

Gear up the team with the knowledge and skillset to comfortably navigate CLO while reducing the time it takes to get your organization started with the software.

Train the Trainer

Create a sustainable learning culture internally, developing CLO experts to manage support and conduct trainings.

Post-training Modular Courses

We continue to support you even after the basic trainings. You can choose to apply a customized program based on your unique product and workflow.

CLO to Enterprise Communications

CLO strives to create an environment of shared communication, consistently bettering the 3D ecosystem — through live support, rapid response time, and direct communication.


Direct Support

IT and Security Compliance

Feature Requests


Together we create a plan to seamlessly integrate 3D into your design process.

Workflow Analysis

Let us understand your current design workflow in detail. It helps us analyze every step of the process.

Process Re-engineering

After analyzing the current workflow, we will re-engineer and make your 3D workflow more efficient.

User Proficiency Check

Determine each user’s comfort level within CLO to better understand how they can develop their skills.

Continued Support

CLO team helps you with implementation, strategy, training, and post-training.

ROI guidance

Discover the benefits of CLO with a faster design process, less time from sample to production, accuracy of design, and less sample waste.

Pilot Runs

Start with implementing CLO into your product development process to prove the success of a 3D digitized process in your organization.


Explore our integrated partnerships, as we work with PLM platforms, fit studios, textile suppliers, color spaces, cloud SaaS solutions, user authentication softwares, and more.



Discover our corporate customers utilizing CLO in the global fashion industry.



Create synergy in your design process using the most efficient end-to-end digital workflow with CLO-SET and CLO-VISE.

Share, Collaborate, and Centralize your 3D assets - All in one place

  • Cloud based all-in-one 3D asset manager for omnichannel communication across the supply chain, automatic tech pack creation, 3D contents, virtual try-on and data analytics.

Join our fastest-growing design community and empower your digital assets

  • Showcase and find 3D assets in our digital fashion open marketplace ‘CLO-SET CONNECT’.

Seamless connection between CLO software and your PLM solutions

  • Increase your efficiency and productivity using CLO to PLM plug-in, allowing access of color, trims, and material libraries from within the CLO software.

Emerging Tech

In a rapidly-evolving technology space, CLO is in a constant state of refinement and expansion. We ensure that you have a premium product development experience within the software.

The Enterprise Subscription model enables you to enjoy CLO in the up-to-date version with access to all patches, updates, and new releases.

See some of the things we are most excited about:

Digital Showroom

Game Engine Integration


Digital Fashion Shows

Open AI Chatbot